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John McDonogh Senior High School Class of '61

This 123rd annual event honors public school philanthropist John McDonogh. Living history interpreters will be present to discuss the Battle of New Orleans and McDonogh's role in it. They will be wearing authentic replica uniforms and will demonstrate loading an authentic replica rifle. Memorial speeches will be given and flowers will be placed on McDonogh's former tomb. Friday, May 3, 2013, 9:45 a.m., at McDonoghville Cemetery, 520 Hancock Street, Gretna.
Following the McDonogh Day event at 11 a.m., the Jefferson Parish Historical Commission will unveil a Louisiana historical highway marker commemorating the old McDonogh-Jefferson High School, which operated 1907-1928 as the first high school in the present-day borders of Jefferson Parish. The unveiling will be near 32 First Street by Ocean Avenue, Gretna, the old school site which is now Bengal Lumber. Reception following at the Gretna Historical Society's White House, 209 Lafayette Street, Gretna.
For more information, go to www.johnmcdonogh.com. (thanks to Mr. G. Leighton Ciravolo for the information above)

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We are the Trojans!  Couldn't be Prouder!  
If ya can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder!

We are the teenagers of the ‘60s. We were born in the ‘40s, raised in the ‘50s. We’re what our kids call the lost generation (not sure what that means, but I can go with it). I tend to think of us asThe Best and the Brightest of our generation (to borrow from novelist David Halberstam). We have lived through monumental events in our time and we all share at least one common bond. We all attended/graduated from John McDonogh Senior High School in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1961. 

And now for a trip down memory lane…for everyone

  • 1961, Broad St. and Esplanade Ave., Katz and Besthoff drug store on the corner
  • 1961, JFK inauguration...Bay of Pigs
  • 1961, Roger Maris hits 61 home runs during the summer after we graduate
  • 1960, JFK/Nixon political debates, national election
  • 1960, Jacqueline Kennedy, becomes the woman every girl in America wants to be
  • 1958, LSU wins National Championship in football, Billy Cannon stars

And my particular memories (-Anonymous 1961 Johnny Mac grad)

  • 1936 My mother graduates from McDonogh High School.
  • Who can remember speaking Spanish in Miss Miceli’s class?
  • Who can remember Mr. Lacassagne’s band practices?
  • Coach Salsiccia telling us THIS would be the year for our football team.
  • Having trouble with Mrs. Petersen’s math class or Mrs. Bourgeois’ physics class?
  • Does anyone remember being a "super" in the opera Aida at the Municipal Auditorium to get much needed extra credit in Mrs. Kupiec's English class?

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